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About Us

We're Eddy and Tan Morris, and currently owned by two rescue dogs, Ozzy Whiz Dawg and Super Sally.  Prior to them, we were also owned by our darling Spooky Boo, Peg and Scrappy Doo, again all rescue dogs and with various physical disabilities.  Our rescue dogs have come from Dogs Trust, Romania, Spain and Tunisia.  A true united nations of dog life.  We have a soft spot for wonky rescues and dog rehabilitation.  Before our rescue dogs  we also had Mojo, Mijj and Daley dog spending their lives with us.  We've been dog owners for over 30 years.   As Council licenced dog home boarders and doggy day care providers, we were always on the look out for natural, high quality dog treats and chews for our resident dogs and their visiting furry friends.  


We first became interested in natural and raw dog food back in 2014 when we were trying everything we could to reduce a severe allergy in our dog Ozzy.   Rather than keep him on steroids (which we really didn't want to do), we moved to a raw diet and have not looked back since.  For him, the change in diet worked, he's far happier and we are very relieved!

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Women with tri paw dog

Over the years we've tried all sorts of products and have seen just how much the dogs love unprocessed treats and chews.  Given the volume we get through each week, it made perfect sense to bulk buy, open our shop and pass the savings on to our customers. 


Adding free delivery and collection options for local customers helps keeps costs low, and we use very reasonable postal rates for those further afield.  Our packaging isn't fancy but it's functional and this further helps keep our costs down, which we can then pass back to our customers.  We've tried to keep our plastic use low when sending out orders and all postal bags are recyclable.

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All the products we have chosen are 100% natural, air dried, contain no additives or preservatives, offered at a great price and have been given the paws of approval by our own dogs (it's a dog's life).  We tried to carefully balance selection packs, weight limits and postal charges to give the best value that we can to our clients and avoiding higher postal rates wherever possible.  In the coming months, we hope to be able to expand our product range, adding new lines and have something to suit all tastes.

If there is a product you are interested in but cannot find, then let us know and we will do our best to add it to our next order.  We're always looking to please, so do get in touch if you have any queries.

Eddy & Tan Morris