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Dog Daycare
 (5 Stars - Higher Standards)


We are open for dog drop off/collections Monday to Friday between the hours of:

 07.00am - 09.00am / 5.30pm - 7.00pm

(Weekends may be available subject to request)  ​

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Dog in kennel

We accept dogs that are:

  • Not under 12 months old 

  • Spayed or neutered 

  • Non-aggressive, well-socialised with other dogs and used to living as part of a family​​

  • Fully vaccinated  - a copy of the vaccination card will be required before boarding.  Kennel Cough is not mandatory.  If obtaining a Kennel Cough vaccination, please allow at least TWO WEEKS following the vaccination before boarding as this is a live virus which can shed to others

  • Up to date with flea and worm treatment  

  • FULLY House trained 

  • Looking to enjoy lots of fuss, fun and company whilst you are away 

  • We also require their ID Chip no.  If this is not known, don't worry, we have a microchip scanner here, and we can give you the number.

Doggy day care is an excellent solution if you are working long hours and your dog is left home alone.  Sometimes you may want a 'day off' or perhaps a 'day out' but worry about leaving your dog unattended.  Instead of worrying, why not bring your dog to our ad hoc doggy day care.  See some of our happy guests in our gallery.


​We offer a fully licenced, small and personal boutique-style doggy daycare service in a home environment, ensuring your dog has a fun time whilst you are away, providing lots of enrichment activities, companionship, socialisation and walks.  There are no children on the premises, all entry/exit points are double-gated for added safety and our large garden is fully secured.  All cleaning products used around the dogs are DEFRA recommended as pet safe.  We have strict welfare and well being policies in place in accordance with our Higher Awards Council Home Boarding licence (22/06365/ANIACT). 


The health, happiness and well-being of the dogs who stay is of huge importance and the business is based around the 5 key freedoms of animal welfare under Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018.

Minnie the jack russell terrier
Two dogs playing
Dogs playing

What happens in doggy day care?

Happy dogs

Your dog will start the day with a morning walk in local woodlands/meadows and return to DogFather HQ to spend the rest of the day taking part in numerous activities to stay engaged and stimulated.  They may want to snooze, go on a treat hunt, play a puzzle game, tuck into to the dog friendly herbs in our sensory dog garden, chase a ball, dig in the sandpit, paddle in the pool, have a play with other dog buddies, chase the local pigeons who visit the garden or curl up on the sofa for a cuddle.  Late afternoon, it's time for another walk to finish the end of an exciting day. 

Activities are planned to suit individual dog's needs, so there is something for all dogs, whether young or old, active or more sedentary.

Our dog sensory garden can be separated to give all dogs space if needed and inside the home we have multiple rooms and dog beds to offer peace and quiet if a dog chooses.

Dogs are never left unattended.

Five Key Freedoms of Animal welfare


Need for a suitable environment


Need to be housed with, or apart from, other animals


Need to be able to exhibit normal behaviour patterns


Need for a suitable diet


Need to be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease

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