An achilles heel that dog's don't mind having...


Beef tendons are great chews for dogs with sensitive digestions or which suffer from allergies.T hey are high in protein and low in fat.T hese tendon chews are 100% natural and have been slowly dried to produce a treat which will keep your dog busy. They are a great snack for between meals. They are also odor-free and help to keep your dog’s teeth in top shape. A tougher chew keeping jaw muscles strong and allowing them to activate natural instincts to gnash and chew. These are some of the thickest tendons on the market.


Analytical constituents:  Crude Ash (%) 7.7  Crude Fat (%) 6.17  Crude Protein 77.33  Moisture(%) 8.73



Beef Tendon (Achilles)

SKU: WP104
100 Grams
  • Always ensure water is readily available and always supervise your dog when eating.