May be whiffy, but gone in a jiffy... tripe pongs, there's now way to flower this up.  Most dogs absolutely love it, so it doesn't stay around for long.  Gentle on the stomach and full of nutrients such as Vitamin A and iron as well as omega 3 and 6.


  • Single source ingredient: 100% Natural Beef Tripe!
  • Irresistible flavour: Air Dried at low temperatures to remove all mositure to leave a nutritious Treat your dog will devour. All Natural Flavour with no additives or artificial flavourings
  • Delicious and Nutritious, High in Protein and low in Fat
  • Each Piece is around 12-15cm and thickness can Vary


Constitutent Analysis:  Crude Protein: 70.2%Crude Fibre: 4.1%Crude Oil & Fat: 2.7%Crude Ash: 8%

Beef Tripe

100 Grams
  • Please ensure fresh water is available and always supervise your dog when feeding treats or chews.