Full of minerals and calcium, this is a hard chew so not suitable for dogs with soft, brittle or damaged teeth (eg, puppies, elderly dogs and dogs with dental issues).   Ozzy loves these but we limit the time with them as his chew instinct goes into overdrive.

These are not hollowed out horns.


Please note all horns are different in shape and size.  Size category depends on the weight of the horn not length.


Constituent Analysis: Protein 55.4%, Fat 1.2%, Fibre 2.0%, Moisture 11.1% Ash 29.1%


Cow Horns

SKU: WP150
  • Warning: not suitable for puppies, elderly dogs or dogs with teeth issues.  When horn becomes worn down and too small, please disregard and replace.

    Always allow access to plenty of water and supervise your dog when eating treats or chews.