Lamb Horn Cuts are long-lasting chew which is high in nutrients and all the good fats dogs need to stay fit and healthy.  They provide a tough chew, keeping jaw muscles strong and allowing them to activate natural instincts to gnaw and chew but do become softer once gnawed on. Can help to remove tarter build keep teeth and gums clean and healthy.  Some Horns will contain marrow while others will be hollow, but all will provide a longer lasting chew.  These horns can produce an odour when being chomped on, but not excessively so (in our opinion).


Horns are different in shape, size and weight, so we offer two options.




Small:  2 x cut horns (suitable for smaller breeds, eg, Jack Russell) 

Medium: 1 x cut horn (suitable for medium sized breeds, eg, Cocker Spaniels)


Constituent Analysis:   Ash: 11.51%  Fat: 14.93%  Protein: 67.32%  Moisture: 6.02%

Lamb horn (cut)

  • Always provide fresh water and supervise your dog when feeding treats or chews.  Once a chew becomes too small, please remove from your dog and replace to avoid a choke risk.