Lambs horns are great for a longer chew and made of keratin, not bone.  They become softer when gnawed on, so softer than buffalo horn and less likely to splinter.  These horns are a good option for a longer lasting, more satisfying chew are are whole, not cut.  Horns can have a slight odour once they are being chomped on but not excessively so (in our opinion).    Horns will decrease in size when being gnawed on, so please disregard when they get too small for your dog to avoid swallowing.  High a protein and low in fat, these are a great option for most dogs   Sally prefers these to cows horn as they become softer when chewed and easier on her teeth..


Please note horns do differ in size/weight.


Constitutent Analysis:  Ash: 11.51% Fat: 14.93% Protein: 67.32% Moisture: 6.02%

Lamb Horns (whole)

  • Always ensure fresh water is available and please supervise your dog when feeding treats and chews.  When horn becomes too small please replace to avoid a choke risk.