Here we have our 'Munch and Crunch Bag', a super sized treat and chew selection using  12 different varieties of 100% natural treats and chews.  From a Pig's ear to braided lamb, it contains some nutritious and delicious items for most dogs. As this selection contains harder items such as horn and filled hoof, we would not recommended for dogs with dental issues, elderly dogs or puppies.


The selection typically includes:


  • Medium cut lamb horn
  • Beef Paddywack
  • Beef Liver
  • Meat filled beef hoof
  • Beef trachea - 22cm
  • Pig Spaghetti
  • Braided lamb chew
  • Beef tendon (achilles)
  • Porky bites
  • Puffed pig snout
  • XL Pig's ear
  • Chicken feet


Items may be subject to substitutions from time to time due to stock levels, but we guarantee at least 12 different varieties to keep your four legged buddy happy!


This pack weighs approximately 950g - 980g,  giving incredible value for money but also helping to keep postal costs low.

Munch and Crunch Bag

  • Please ensure access to fresh water and always supervise your dog when feeding treats and chews.

    This pack contains hoof and horn which can splinter, particularly if you have a super chomper.  Please supervise and remove any pieces if broken off.