Here we have our 'Puppy Munch Bag', a super sized treat and chew selection using  7 different varieties of 100% natural treats and chews including a premium Antler.  This selection contains softer, more pliable treats to aid the need the gnaw and chew but without being too hard on little teeth.  A nutrious and satisfying snack attack!  Suitable for puppies over 16 weeks old.


The selection typically includes:


  • Small antler
  • Pig spaghetti
  • Puffed pig snout
  • Beef tripe
  • Fish skin cubes
  • Braided lamb
  • Beef tendon


Items may be subject to substitutions from time to time, but we guarantee at least 7 different varieties to keep your little one entertained!



Puppy Munch Bag

  • Please ensure access to fresh water and always supervise your dog when feeding treats and chews.

    This pack contains split antler - please remove if the antler becomes too small to avoid a choke hazard.