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Dog Sensory Garden

Phoebe 1.jpg

Our dog sensory garden was specifically designed to provide lots of additional enrichment for any dog who comes to stay with us. We have a selection of tyre planters containing beneficial herbs for dogs, including meadowsweet, lemon balm, lemongrass, rosemary, sage, thyme, wheat grass and dandelions.  We also have a lovely lavender hedge that dogs love to sniff out and our new 'hobbit dog house'.


We've added a shallow paddling pool, sandpit and raised platforms for dogs of all sizes to enjoy.  For the playful pups, we have a bubble machine, lots of balls, tug toys, chew toys, soft toys and a tunnel to explore.

Dogs looking for treats
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Hobbity dog house

Our 'hobbity' dog house was created using reclaimed materials and to provide another fun area for the dogs to explore and additional stimulation.  It has several access points which dogs of all sizes can use, is fully ventilated and a great place to hide tasty treats for our treat hunts.  

Take a look around...

Herb planter
Top garden deck
Catch game
What's the joke?
Sun shades for hot weather
Fun in the water
Bagel getting some shade
Dog eating grass
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