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Frequently asked questions

How does free delivery or collection work?

We offer a free delivery service to postcodes in WR3 and WR4 for orders £10 and over. Deliveries take place every Monday and Wednesday, between the hours of 6.30pm - 9.30pm. Just choose this option when checking out and your order will be delivered on the nearest day after you placed your order. Free collection is available on a Saturday by appointment only. Please choose this option when checking out and contact eddy@thedogfatherworcester.com to arrange your collection time.

What treats are suitable for puppies?

We suggest flexible and softer treats or chews for puppies as little teeth can be fragile and hard bones are not recommended at this young age. Our puppy packs are suitable for pups over 4 months old.

Do you have anything suitable for dogs with allergies?

Yes! This is something we have battled with ourselves. Most of our products are hypoallergenic (unless of course your dog already has a diagnosed allergy to a certain food) as these are novel proteins (coming from one source). Our treats and chews contain no artificial colours, preservatives or chemicals. Feeding a new single protein can help avoid an allergic response. Our filled hooves contain wheat, so we would not recommend this product for a cereal/grain allergy.

What else are added to the treats and chews?

All our treats and chews are made from 100% meat or fish, so have no fillers or other ingredients added.

What areas are covered by free delivery?

We currently cover postcode areas WR3 and WR4 for free delivery on a Monday or Wednesday, between the hours of 6.30pm to 9.30pm. However a collection option is available if you fall outside our delivery area or a standard postal service via Hermes.

When should I throw away an antler or bone?

A favourite chew antler or bone will decrease in size due to your dog chewing. Please be aware of the decreasing size and discard if it becomes to small (and potentially swallowed whole) and replace with a new one. Always buy the correct size for your dog and if in doubt, go up a size (bigger is better rather than too small).